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Babies Room



Babies Room from 6 Weeks

The Babies Room at Pearl Street Child Care Centre consists of 12 places available each day with a ratio of three educators. The age group of the room is from 6 weeks (minimum age for enrolment) to approximately 18 months.


Our educators have caring and nurturing personalities and these are reflected in their interactions with all children.


Experiences are programmed and planned by our room leader and are designed to extend on the children's interests, social and emotional development, their physical abilities and their cognitive and creative skills. Our environment is nurturing to ensure all children sense and respond to a feeling of belonging in the Pearl Street child care community.


The Babies Room has a separate sleep room enabling very young children to sleep in a quiet environment and maintain their routines and sleeping patterns from home.


The Babies Room also have their own outdoor play area that is grassed and protected with shade sails, allowing for outdoor play throughout the whole year.


The routines in the room are flexible and the educators work with families to meet the individual routines of each child. Communication with families is highly important. We maintain a constant flow of information sharing between our educators and family members, respecting the knowledge of our families.


We have a nursing chair is available for mothers who are breastfeeding, to come in and feed their child throughout the day. This also allows for family members who would like to come in and bottle feed their child throughout the day. Offering this enables children to bond with family members while attending child care.


Our Babies Room Educators

  • Magy
  • Tegan