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2 Pearl Street

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Babies Nursery Room (0 -18Months)

At Pearl Street Child Care Centre we greatly appreciate the trust you place in us to provide your young child with high quality and attentive care. 
Our Babies Nursery Room provides a warm, safe environment for your baby to learn and grow. Caring and gentle educators will develop nurturing relationships with your baby, so your child will develop trust and a sense of belonging.  
You can have full confidence knowing that qualified Early Childhood Educators will be caring for your child and involving them in a beneficial Early Learning program. 


Our Learning Programs are designed to extend on your child's interests, social and emotional development, their physical abilities and their cognitive and creative skills. Our environment is supportive and nurturing to ensure all children sense and respond to a feeling of belonging.


The routines in the room are flexible and the educators work with families to meet the individual routines of each child. Communication with families is highly important. We maintain a constant flow of information sharing between our educators and family members, respecting the knowledge of our families.