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2 Pearl Street

Glenroy VIC 3046 

Junior Kinder Room (2.5- 3 years)

At Pearl Street, here in our Junior Kinder Room, children's knowledge, skills, interests and social skills are promoted as an integral component of our Three Year Old Kinder program.

Our Teachers and Educators focus on supporting all children to develop their social and emotional skills as they engage in learning relationships and shared play. 


An environment rich in learning opportunities allows for incidental learning alongside intentional teaching experiences. Teachers and Educators assist children as they start to show interest in learning areas, by providing challenging and fun ways to explore literacy, numeracy, science, physical development and the arts. Our kinder group also participate in many intentional teaching experiences throughout the year such as water safety, road safety, cooking, pet awareness responsibility, health and hygiene, and many more.


Providing open-ended experiences and questions, inspires children to explore 'how and why' things occur and enables them to use resources and their imaginations to investigate and discover. Teachers and Educators encourage curiosity by making learning experiences positive, interesting and knowledgeable, fostering a lifelong love of learning. 


Self-selection throughout the day encourages children to be in control of their own learning. Small group times and structured experiences form part of our Kinder program, allowing children to work collaboratively with their peers and build upon their relationships in this area. 


The program incorporates sustainability practices, enabling the children to become environmentally understanding, giving them the skills to respond to the world around them.


Our Three Year Old Kindergarten program operates every day between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm and provides for the recommended minimum of 5 hours per child. Normal long day care programs and routines operate outside the kindergarten hours.