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Programming & Your Child's Development

In January 2012 the Commonwealth government introduced a National Quality Framework for Childcare providers designed to embrace caring and early childhood development.


Improved staff to child ratios, improved qualifications of staff in the sector, a new curriculum known as the Early Years Learning Framework, and a uniform national regulatory framework are the key initiatives of this major reform.


Our educators at Pearl Street implement these initiatives through the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards (NQS) which help guide the learning in each of our children’s rooms.


Our play-based learning programs are focused on the whole child - their interests, cultural background, own independence and desire for challenge. We believe that through developing a sense of belonging and providing opportunities for children to be children, they will become confident learners


Educa provides an interactive online environment where educators and family can share learning stories, photos, videos and collaborate on children's learning as well.


Families have varied opportunities to provide input into the programming and their involvement enriches their child’s care environment. We encourage families to be active participants in our curriculum.


For children with additional needs, our educators are happy to work together cooperatively with the family and support persons to deliver an appropriate program.


Our accredited Kindergarten is guided by our fully qualified Kindergarten teacher who holds an approved university degree in Early Childhood. The Kindergarten is part of our long day care centre and provides children 4 to 5 years of age with a kinder program throughout the entire week. The Kindergarten teacher will oversee your child’s individual educational program and assist your child with a comprehensive school readiness program when it is time for your child to make the transition to formal schooling.


To extend children's learning we offer special programs and incursions throughout the year. These include the Victorian Museum program, Librarian Visits, Rhythm and Rumble, Responsible Pet Education Program, P.I.E Productions and the chicken hatching program.